Very special thanks to a wonderful friend Pam Albright who made it extra special for my wheelchair companion and my little girl…we had incredible seats for an awesome Black Panther Adidas T Shirt. Foreigner brought back many good memories from back in the day and a few tears to my eyes listening and remembering where I was at and who I was with way back when.

We picked up the hire car from Alamo- thank you to Andy an agent recommended by IOT members. We have a very spacious Dodge Grand Caravan and we drove to Disney’s Grand Floridian Villas but needed a cheeky stop at CVS for drinks and snacks. Tinkerbell had been before us and upon checking in we had been upgraded to a 1 bed, lake view, rather than our Black Panther adidas shirt. If we had paid money cash for this upgrade have a guess how much it would be?


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