Check out this AMAZING tattoo that community member, Michael, got for his 35th birthday! It’s a modified version of one of our t-shirts. The lightning bolt in the unique design represents two things. One is for a wrestling nickname he had when he was a teenager, White Lightning. The other is for this awesome quote Michael loves – “The Devil whispered in my ear, ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand The Devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm bible verse shirt‘. Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear, ‘I AM that storm  Rejoicing with my dear friend Kerry Maniscalco Alvarado as she has finished chemo and is on the road to recovery from breast cancer. I have learned a lot from her strength and persistence with style. Looking forward to celebrating together very soon. I love you with all the power of my heart. God bless.

The Devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm bible verse hoodie

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