Yes, I identify with Dorothy I look to only attract men who are cowards have no heart or are in need of a brain. The story of Oz and her little Dorothy, with the exception of the evil one, has become a classic story of all time, being exploited hundreds of times on stage, film, and television. As such, when making the Legend of Oz: Dorothy returned, filming crews may have been hesitant to be able to create a repetitive, boring, incomparable and powerful work. To draw the audience to the cinema. Speaking of Oz, the first thing many people are curious about is how to design the villages, the roads in this wonderland. Duo directed by Daniel St. Pierre and Will Finn did not mind a lot of young audiences.

Returning to Oz with Dorothy

And young viewers by creating so many brilliant and unique scenes. The first candy village with thousands of different types of candy, different colored cake. The not only scenery, trees, houses made with candy but the characters living in the village are also hard candy, apple candy, soft candy … Next is the porcelain kingdom of Chinese doll princess. Thousands of cups, cups, luxury ceramics are spread throughout the kingdom look extremely eye-catching to make viewers ecstatic. T-shirt design near me. At the beginning of the film, the audience is somewhat lacking because of the poor design and slightly ugly, as the latter, the viewer will be swept away by the majestic and large Oz. Outside of Sweets and the Chinese kingdom.
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