Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!!! I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt. That is so clear who is happy or not by Life, themselves, God..?! I always keep my money safe with me at all times I don’t lose any money around. fewer peoples are honest but we must take care while like this activities. it is a good video to enhance alertness. Do this in a porta-potty on a construction site please. See if the next construction worker has gone after the money and tries to return it. We should do the right thing no matter who’s watching.b ut God is watching us always. So many people cheating around you, not a money everything is stolen from you especially in Telugu states. I suggest you do this experiment in Pakistan you will get better results.

I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

I'm Not Gay But $20 Is $20 Sweater


Buy this shirt: I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt


if this is really an experiment and not just some voyeuristic tendency to judge others, I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt. what did we learn? Ignore the mentioned country where people didn’t help, All aren’t the same. There doesn’t need to be any other person, any cameras or any ‘God’s’ watching your behavior.
You are watching.
It is you that lives with you.  Vids like this are Awesome and show a good side to humanity… I dislike those people who make videos filming themselves giving a homeless guy money. It’s about doing the deed not being recognized by it. this may give me a small boost to believing everyone isn’t dishonest at this point. 

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