Just fook him up Conor McGregor Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

What do you guys think? Should I wear the “Doubt me now”, the “Just fook him up”, or “The F##k you” shirt to my cousins  MayweathervMcGregor August 26th fight party?

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MMAFighting spoke to both me shortly thereafter about what happened. Here’s Stephens side: “I was a little bit further behind, grabbing a couple bags, and I see Dominick getting into it with Cody. The UFC is then, like, OK, you can go over there. So of course, I’m following behind, kinda seeing them get into an altercation. Dom kinda turns around, he’s talking crap and Cody walks away. As I’m doing that, the UFC guys tell me I have to go through a certain door. So I turn my back and I take a couple steps and then I hear someone say, Yeah, you better keep walking. You and your whole team blah blah blah. I look over and it’s Cody approaching me. He’s coming at me fast, like he’s going to push me. I Just fook him up Conor McGregor Shirt put my arm out and the security guy picks me up, moves me out. Cody starts getting all hot-headed, screaming, trying to throw his Just fook him up Conor McGregor Shirt off, trying to fight me. I’m laughing. Like, Hey bro, you better get serious, you’re fighting my teammate tomorrow. I’m here for Dom. Then they broke it up. I was just shocked by the whole situation. This dude has got a fight coming up and he’s mad at me. I thought me and him were cordial. I got no problems with him. I’m here to support my teammate.”

Just fook him up Conor McGregor Tank top

Tank top

Just fook him up Conor McGregor Guys v neck Shirt

Guys v neck Shirt

Just fook him up Conor McGregor Ladies tee Shirt

Ladies tee Shirt

Just fook him up Conor McGregor Hoodie


Just fook him up Conor McGregor Guys tee Shirt

Just fook him up Conor McGregor Guys tee Shirt

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