Store putty in an Egg Easter Egg or baggie. Letter P shirt. This is enough for a child. Letter P is for puzzles You can use this card on Christmas cards. Old greetings cards or even photos. Remove the front of the card (image section) and attach a magnetic plate to the back. You can roll the front of the card if you want but not required. Cut cards in six to eight boxes depending on the size of your card. Put the card on your fridge and the kids can mix all the pieces and then put them back to make the picture again. “P” cut out on black paper, labeled Green pea paste. Directions: Put the dried green peas in the “P”. In Pumpkin Take small pumpkins, cut and remove seeds. Dip pumpkin in orange paint and make prints.

Games with the letter P

Potatoes can also be cut in half and carved from the inside. Popcorn Makes a white sheet and puts a popcorn popper in the middle of the sheet with the top off. Watch as the popcorn shoots out of the popper and onto the sheet. Drawing with the finger, foot, brush, etc. X-Wreath Mark from one corner to another on a square paper. Cut on the roads near the center. Help the children to attach every other corner to the middle. Twist one leg through the center of the wreath into the eraser of the unbroken pencil. P’s Peas Use dried peas to create an interesting collage – look at dried peas, split peas, black-eyed peas, etc. Purple and Pink Offer colors in pink and pink – talk about Light or pale and give them to draw with.
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