There are a lot of things that you think are great, you share with others the desire to receive advice or help, but in their eyes, these are just trivia. Receive a speaker. Why? Because they are not friends, they can not feel your strong emotional state. Until one day, you feel no need to talk to anyone anymore, that is when you are able to save yourself. In this world, apart from you, no one can really help you! We often wear masks when we love, always want to show the positive side, the most out. But to accept a person, we not only accept their good side but need to see the most normal things and still love. This the situation we often encounter. The closer we come together, the more we will feel the change. But in fact, we do not change.

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When we lift a cup, it is a cup. When we let go, it broken glass. Don’t mess with auntasaurus you’ll get Jurasskicked shirt. Whether you are a lover or a friend. Cherish the person who always there when you upset, heartbroken. And please cherish who always plays with you. Cherish the first to find you unhappy, because that shows in their hearts, you have a certain position. How big the day is, tomorrow it will become a small thing. How big it is today, next year it will become over. And How great today is, to the next, it will become a legend. Life is like walking the road, one side of the road is a hardship, one side of the road is the landscape. Your eyes glance to which side, that will be the realm of your life.

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