Lilith, please understand that there is a difference between abandonment and adoption. I am not bashing you….but please do not bash others either. You were adopted. You had parents who LOVE you and raised you as their own. Parents who were able to provide for you the things your birth mother could not. THAT is adoption. MY children’s father walked out 3 years ago, and has had no contact whatsoever. Leaving my children with many

Meet our brand new member from Malawi. This is Judith Chibambo from Mzuzu in MALAWI. She got her scars when she was only 9 years old. Judith got her scars when her house that had Only old people know how to rock shirt. The fire took both her aunt’s and cousin’s life and unfortunately their lifeless bodies got badly burnt. Judith spent 8 months in hospital and another 6 months as an outpatient because of endless treatment. “Life has never been easy, You have people look down on you.

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Only old people know how to rock sweater

So proud of my friend, musician & former boss, Donald Sztabnik. This NYT article talks about the reemerging downtown rock scene and he’s a huge part of it exclamation. Just goes to show only old folks really know how to rock ‘n’ roll!.Want toknow something? Sit down for this, because this overweight, 38-year old woman is about to drop a truth bomb on you. Ready? That hiding? That anxiety you feel about who you are and what you look like? That fear you have that Only old people know how to rock shirt are looking and going to laugh at you for dreaming big, being bold, or coloring outside the lines? It’s bananas.

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