Calling Red Sox Nation! All eyes on Meghan Schrade, who will be wearing her Williams College softball team shirt when she throws out the first pitch tonight. The 9-year old North Adams girl was drafted to the Ephs three years ago as a member of Team Impact.

Tom Brady King Of The North Hoodie

Why I do believe there are things in life that mark great accomplishments we have achieved.Reminders in our older years ove things gone by.And for Tom Brady it is a football Jersey. I’m not try mock the importance ove it to him. But when you watch the news!!!!!!! And there is more media coverage and law inforcement looking for a piece ove clothing ,then I see ove a mothers young child gone missing or a husband or wife who spouse has wonderd off because ove dementia, or the poor that are nameless in our country and why is it that they can gather so much man power to walk the streets for a shirt.

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