We are wanting to make shirts again honoring our Superman Sam and our amazing donor Connor Hunt. We want to start the I Want A Man Who Is Shirt and also giving the option of a woman’s fitted shirt, a long sleeve option, a tank top and a long t-shirt option for our tall men/women. How many of you would want to order a shirt or two or 10 lol? I need to know a range to see if we could easily sell 150 shirts? They would be on an I Want A Man Who Is Shirt. So no more hot black shirt! Please comment with how many shirts you would for sure want. They will come in all sizes including children sizes!

Click is buy: I Want A Man Who Is Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top, V-neck

I Want A Man Who Is Longsleeve tee

Longsleeve tee

I Want A Man Who Is Tank top

Tank top

I Want A Man Who Is Ladies v neck Shirt

Ladies v neck Shirt

I Want A Man Who Is Sweat Shirt

Sweat Shirt

I Want A Man Who Is Hoodie


I Want A Man Who Is Ladies tee Shirt

I Want A Man Who Is Ladies tee Shirt

This breaks my heart, what an amazing teacher !! These are the teachers that shape children’s lives!I have the biggest lump in my throat…what a wonderful teacher to give her students this outlet. I am so glad that Kyle Schwartz cares. And thank God for like-minded teachers! Thankfully, that is what draws many to the teaching field. However, I know some teachers that are so focused on their own agenda (make those letters right, numbers right, don’t whisper etc) that the feelings of the children in their class are a bother.River of tears!! So many children go without their needs being met which is so sad. I’m so glad that this teacher took the time not only to build trust between them, but also a connection with her students. She has also taken the time to know what their needs are. We should have more teachers like her to actually care about the children you teach day in and day out. Realistically speaking they spend more time at school than at home with their own families. GB HER GREATLY.

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