The ironic thing about the comment Patsy makes about the In a world filled with kardashians be a patsy shirt is that it is true. Especially now that one of them is expecting a child. And now everyone has royal baby fever. sometymes i catch myself cryin watchin da dummest shows smh da kardashians wen these dumm brauds meet grandpas to date her grandma lol i cry only cuz it reminds me of da funny thangs my grandpa use to say n do wen he was here with us how i miss u so much.

Trying to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians & Kris Watkins keeps reminding me of how many times I’ve watched the same episodes. But he would be mad if I reminded him how many times the Ravens lost this season but he keeps watching their In a world filled with kardashians be a patsy shirt.

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In a world filled with kardashians be a patsy Hoodie

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