Your statement that you are a trumpet when he has done zero for America leaves me to conclude you have more interest in being permitted to bully people you feel are “less than” you in the same disgusting way he does. Those are the only people who still support him. That Koolaid the trumpets drank is thick. I’m sorry — I misread your comment about “being a Trumper” and thought you were referring to yourself.  Unfortunately, as much as he would like to get his base behind him right now, I assume Vice President Biden is in a position where he has to put being an American first and being a presidential candidate second.


CNA we fight others can’t anymore shirt now and that means we have to be patient and see how strong and completely enthusiastic Biden’s base is going to be as it grows post coronavirus crisis. I beg to differ. We currently have a president who is in his 70’s and obese to the point where he is red in the face from the way it impacts his health, and who has hung between delusion and misinformed for his ENTIRE presidency, even to the point where his own party questions his sanity. Do you seriously want to talk about a man’s mind rotting away? Trump was never in his right mind for this presidency which is why he did NOT win the popular vote and never will.
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