36 years 1985-2021 Guns N’ Roses signature shirt

I spent all morning prepping and getting everything ready. My father arrives with my disabled uncle. All is fine. Then my father starts in on politics, fine, I can smile and nod to keep the peace, I’ve been doing it ever since my parents split. Then my father says to me (his daughter who has been raped a few times in her life, plus was molested and raped in foster care as a toddler) ‘so how come rape is all of a sudden an issue’ ‘well, dad, rape has always been an issue’ ‘no, I mean like since when is it such a bad thing’ ‘seriously?

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You are asking me this? Since forever! If you seriously don’t think rape is an issue or a bad thing, there is the front door, don’t let it hit you on the way out!’ As my husband who was trying to pick his chin up off the floor. My dad stood up, and walked out with (unfortunately) my uncle (since they came together) Well, my father has yet to step back into my house, and probably won’t be back in it, unless he changes his feelings.

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