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Luckily, I soon encountered the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt and I will buy this work of Charlotte James and Undrea Wright. The pair are co-founders of the Sabina Project, a psychedelic education collective working to return reverence to “sacred earth medicine.” James is a specialist in the field of drug-related public health and harm reduction, and Wright is a cannabis entrepreneur who worked on the passage of Maryland’s medical cannabis bill. Together, they hope to “support radical self-transformation in the name of collective liberation.”

Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt

They’re right on time too: The United States is seeing a boom in interest when it comes to psychedelics. In November, Oregon voted to legalize psilocybin, while a set of cities have decriminalized it (Denver and Washington, D.C., among them). At Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, research is being done around psilocybin as an aid for depression, Alzheimer’s, and anorexia. Like cannabis before it, psychedelics are poised to have a moment on the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt and I will buy this national stage as their healing potential is explored on a new level. But just as we’ve seen with the weed frenzy, decriminalization and legalization can impede opportunity and access for people who could seriously benefit from the substance.

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