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She replaces Angelica Cheung, the Softball This Is What Life Is About Shirt and I will buy this founding editor in chief of Vogue China, whose 16-year tenure at the magazine coincided with the rise of luxury fashion in the country. Zhang’s appointment marks a generational change and a strategic one. Having launched her blog at 16 in 2009, she’s a digital native, not unlike the young people she’ll be charged with turning into Vogue followers. “Vogue has such a legacy, with over 125 years—in the States, at least—of significant cultural gravity,” says Zhang. “This new role is an incredible opportunity to combine my background, my skills, and my interests.” The new editor in chief currently resides in Sydney, where she grew up, but spent the past half decade based in New York, traveling to China every six weeks or so. She plans to relocate to Beijing as soon as the pandemic allows. Zhang sees her new responsibilities as both outward and inward facing, and she believes her international experience positions her well to achieve them. “There’s a lot of context about China that is lost; often it’s looked at as this one monolithic entity, as opposed to a country of individuals and innovations,” she says. “I think Vogue China has an immense platform to communicate about those individuals not only to the world but to its own citizens. There’s a huge opportunity to champion local talent—in film, music, and the fine arts, in addition to fashion—and bring it to a global stage because it’s such a recognizable brand and so trusted.”

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