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This week’s Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett were markedly different from those that preceded Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment in 2019. The tone was noticeably softer  Zombies Beware Of Democrats White Shirt (understandably, since Barrett, unlike Kavanaugh, has not been credibly accused of sexual assault); Senator Dianne Feinstein even kicked off her questioning by asking Barrett about her family.

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I love belts as much as the next person, SLAM Official Sue Bird Unisex Shirt but something in Netflix’s new show Emily in Paris is making me want to live a fully elasticated life. I love Paris, too, but the show is making me rethink the intriguing city. If you haven’t seen Emily in Paris, it follows a plucky social-media strategist on a European sojourn. She has a job she loves, but her colleagues—drawn crudely in nearly racist pencil strokes—are alienating-ly chic (I suspect they have a vicious WhatsApp group devoted to her brash Americanness). Lily Collins, despite the unavailability of effective rom and com in the script, dexterously shimmies the show from scene to scene with her relentless charm. I’m finding it hard to care which of the almost-identical Frenchmen Emily will end up with, but Emily in Paris has glimpses of absolutely excellent writing—her boss would “rather have a cigarette than lunch,” Chicago deep-dish pizza is likened to a quiche full of cement, Emily is savagely described as having “no references.

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Her tour wardrobe managed to simultaneously incorporate similar theatrics while doing justice to her more humble Cincinnati roots. “I wanted to connect with that side of me,” says the 25-years-old musician, who conceived of the Athena tour wardrobe with the help of stylist Fatima Mohammed. “I’ve been really into lowriders and things that I wore in the early 2000s. I used to wear tees, sweatsuits, and Air Force 1s when I lived there, so that was a part of my tour because the album is about a Cincinnati girl moving to Los Angeles to pursue her passions.” Parks sourced much of the  Myteebold – Official HBK – Washington Football Shirt clothing around Los Angeles at places such as the Slauson Super Mall, an old-school swap-meet shopping paradise in South Central, and other malls and Pro Club stores around the city. “These stores are places I would go to back home, and I wanted to showcase that young woman onstage,” says the singer whose performance wardrobe included a silver chain-mail dress, a magenta corset, and an especially tricky white knit frock that offered little coverage. “I wanted to look onstage how I did in my bedroom—really intimate.”

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xJust before COVID-19 made extended traveling impossible, Sudan Archives wrapped up her most recent world tour. The Los Angeles–based violinist (born Brittney Parks) performed in support of her debut album, Athena, which came out at the end of last year. London was one of the final stops on the Myteebold – Official Kritty Seattle Kraken T-Shirt  tour before the U.K. put travel restrictions in place. She officially ended the string of dates Stateside right before major cities across the United States were mandated to close all nonessential businesses. Athena is a lovely showcase of her varied musical abilities, whether it be her skill for beat-making, the soulful fiddling informed by the history of one-string Sudanese and Ghanaian violinists, or her ear for contemporary R&B melodies. Her tour, though, was as much a platform for her bold sense of style as it was her bombastic sound. In her music videos, Sudan Archives shows the full extent of her fashion prowess with the help of local labels such as No Sesso (she wore the superhero print straight from the brand’s spring 2020 collection runway in her video for “Confessions”) and dramatic winged corsets.

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Anne’s flair for gardens was manifest  the Myteebold – Official Michael Conforto Silky Elk New York Shirt in a property on the Caribbean island of Nevis and in a rambling estate in Connecticut, where she curated the view by apparently buying up everything in sight, restoring farmhouses and cottages for friends and family, and laying what appeared to be miles of handlaid dry stone walls. When driving in the adjacent countryside, where there were relaxed zoning laws in place, one was transported back a century or more into a seemingly untouched Currier and Ives landscape of pretty clapboard houses set in bucolic grounds, with still ponds and meadows, where Anne had introduced Randall cattle, a breed threatened with extinction, from Virginia to graze. As with everything she touched, the effortless elegance was achieved as the result of a great deal of thought, work, and rigor. “It’s an amazing illusion,” Anne noted to Heilpern, talking of the gymnastic grace of ballet, although she might have been describing her own modus operandi. “You don’t see the strain at a performance. You shouldn’t. The better a performance, the more effortless it looks. Not many people really know the discipline that goes into striving for that…perfection.”

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In January 2000, while touring Cambodia with the  Myteebold – Scream 25th Anniversary 1996 2021 Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt  World Monuments Fund and exhausted from a day’s sightseeing, Anne was reluctantly persuaded to attend a dance recital in Preah Khan, in the magical 12th-century temple complex of Angkor. There she was captivated by the dance talents of Sokvannara Sar, a pupil at the local Wat Bo School of Traditional Dance. “I started thinking about Sy’s performance and the fact that he didn’t have a future there,” she told The New York Times. “And I couldn’t bear to think of that talent going to waste.” With what she admitted was a degree of naivete, Anne brought him to America to train as a classical ballet dancer. Sar’s uneven transition from village life in Cambodia to the rigors of ballet training, the surreal adjustment to American life in the Bass lane, and ultimately becoming a dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, was documented in Anne’s 2010 documentary Dancing Across Borders, coproduced by Catherine Tatge.

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Ballet was a great love, inherited from her mother, who was discouraged from pursuing it as a career (she took up golf instead). At the turn of the 1980s, the Myteebold – Sports Equinox 2020 Funny Shirt  New York City Ballet company came to perform in Fort Worth and Anne was able to see them rehearse backstage, an experience that proved revelatory. “I remember the shock I felt,” she told Heilpern, “the breathlessness, perspiration, dancers dying at the effort. In a way it wasn’t even pretty to watch.” She was, however, bewitched by the art form. She numbered Mikhail Baryshnikov, Heather Watts, and Jock Soto among her close friends, and when her daughters left home, Anne returned to dance classes. (Degas’s Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, one of six original 19th-century artist’s casts, complete with its original and very fragile-looking plastered net tutu, was prominently if unnervingly displayed at 960 Fifth Avenue, set before Balthus’s Young Girl at the Window, 1955)

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Anne’s subsequent long-term partner was the wry British abstract artist Julian Lethbridge, with whom she always seemed to share a wonderful complicity. Anne’s settlement, said to be the most generous ever in Texas at that point, allowed her to quietly assert her position as a cultural force to be reckoned with as her vision and philanthropy benefitted and shaped institutions that include the Myteebold – Stitch Drinking Coca Cola Shirt  New York Public Library, Museum of Modern Art, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, New York Botanical Garden, and New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, among many others. She soon proved herself a formidable board member and persuasive fundraiser. In 1984, as chairperson for the 50th anniversary fund drive for the School of American Ballet, Anne raised $10 million.

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The effect was entirely breathtaking, but despite the magnificent quality of everything in the  Myteebold – Stitch Drinking Starbucks Coffee Shirt apartment, it was ultimately designed as a backdrop for people and Anne’s prodigal entertaining, and when it was filled, everything blended into an extraordinary harmony, like the music that a renowned maestro could be expected to perform on the gleaming grand piano. In 1986, the Basses separated and Sid married the exuberant Mercedes Kellogg, as extrovert as Anne was introvert, as passionate about the opera as the first Mrs. Bass was about the ballet. The gossip columnist Aileen Mehle (aka Suzy) broke the news and the event was cast as one of the preeminent society scandals of the decade, excruciating for a woman who was, in many ways, despite the outward glamour of her public appearances, intensely private and essentially humble.

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For Vogue’s December 1988 issue, John Heilpern was sent to profile Anne, while André Leon Talley detailed “the careful cultivation of Anne Bass’s style.” “Fresh linens are ironed and meticulously folded, carried to closet or bath in blond wicker trays, lined in scalloped-edged French piqué,” Talley noted, “In the  Myteebold – Stitch Wake Me Up When 2020 Ends Shirt linen closets, towels and linens are layered with handwoven faced laced in vetiver from Louisiana.” “I wanted my bed to look like a 17th-century dress,” Anne declared, and it was hung with swags of dove gray silk faille, a color repeated in the entrance hall. (“I think the hall has about a hundred shades of gray to get that color,” she told Talley.) The elegant biscuit-and-ivory library was filled with rare books on gardening and ballet, many of them exquisitely bound by a custom bookbinder. Anne was a voracious reader, although she admitted that it took her a decade to get through Proust: Her copies, as Talley noted, were “stuffed with airline boarding passes.”

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The soft-spoken Anne had antebellum manners, great cultural curiosity, a “Midwest work ethic that shapes her persistence and sense of duty,” as Vogue noted (she once confided that her childhood reading was primarily biographies of “women who were pioneers—Clara Burton, the Myteebold – Tennessee Titans Hand By Hand Shirt  student nurse who went to the trenches, and Agnes de Mille”), and, lurking perhaps unsuspected beneath the very highly polished veneer, a streak of wry humor. Although she rose to social prominence on the Manhattan scene in the glittering 1980s, Anne was always distinguished by her lack of ostentation and her quiet, under-the-radar philanthropy.

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