I won’t get it right always but a real goal of mine moving forward is not to intentionally hurt those I care about. To achieve this comes in different faces, honesty, support and love. Choosing to live every day on its own merit. Loving those in my life as fiercely as I can, loving those not in my life respectfully. The nastiest thing I ever did was have sex with a women in a motel room with 4 members of her family (I think) “supposedly sleeping” in the same room. But I don’t see how they could have slept through that.

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We had met in the hotel bar I was playing at. It sounded like she was from eastern Europe. She had a hard time speaking English but we had excellent chemistry and few words were necessary. When we got to her room and was kind of shocked to see it full of people but she led my to the bathroom. I tried to explain I lived a few miles from there and could bring her back but she wasn’t going to wait that long. So we used the privacy of the bathroom as long as we could stand it.

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