Black cat let’s get lost in a world made of books coffee rainy days shirt

Thump, thump, thump. There is a muffled knocking coming from the Black cat let’s get lost in a world made of books coffee rainy days shirt. Somebody has come to visit. My sleepy mind draws the conclusion that it is probably our neighbor, Tina Murray. Yesterday Gladys Ann, my wife, had asked Tina to stop by and assist her with two apple pies she was attempting to bake. As I open the bedroom door, I notice rest of the house is actually clean. It is never physically dirty, but there is always some kind of clutter about. Anything from shoes and boots to video-cassettes and magazines can normally be found littering the kitchen table or tossed haphazardly against the large freezer which occupies a space near the only kitchen door. It is a losing battle to keep the place neat. The in-laws are perhaps the most unorganized people I have ever met.

Black cat let’s get lost in a world made of books coffee rainy days shirt

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Santa’s favorite occupational therapist shirt

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Dad thank you for teaching me how to be a man even though i’m your daughter shirtIt is their right, however, and the disapproving looks they give me reinforce that daily. It is their house, not mine, and I am only here because they are letting me. I only reluctantly agreed to move here at my wife’s repeated requests, knowing that I would be sacrificing a large part of my independence in doing so. I wanted to make Gladys Ann happy. I did not bother to bring up how Jack always felt bad, especially whenever she and I were about to go somewhere together alone. On our honeymoon he “got ill”, and needed Gladys Ann there at his side to take care of him. Then Jack miraculously recovered once we cancelled the trip to Canada we had planned. We never did have that honeymoon. Moving through the kitchen, I finally notice the alarm clock. It is unplugged and laying upside down on the freezer. The clock is bound loosely with it’s own power cord, as if someone had tried to wrap the cord while walking at the same time.

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