This is a very good question. I felt the same way as Black Panther black lives matter shirt. From a very early age, I could do everything I set my mind to. I could draw and paint very well. I picked up oil painting at an age when kids still fiddle with crayons. I participated and won in various poetry competitions. I was an excellent swimmer and could swim in the sea at a very young age. Academically, I was pretty decent. I loved math and physics, detested biology, and chemistry. But I was very good at all of them. I was especially good at math. One day I realized that I had something unique. Al I had to do was stay involved in what I was doing to do well.

Boots I’m aware that I’m rare shirt

Eye autism seeing the world from a different angle shirt

Floral here’s to the girl that can’t imagine life without horses shirt

My Patronus is a Chihuahua vintage shirt

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Black Panther black lives matter shirt

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German Shepherd I support putting animal abusers to sleep shirt

But there was no ques of a choice. I had long ago decided to become a doctor. This decision was because of the death of a loved one due to negligence. I decided I would never let this happen again. For that, I had to become a doctor. And the best doctor I could become so that someone else might not have to feel the burden of death on their shoulders like I do. At first, I blamed myself for what happened, but then I realized that had this not occurred, I would never have been directed towards being a doctor. There is a plan for all of us.


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