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I haven’t really explained the timeline of my change of views Construction Excavator Christmas tree Excavation lovers Christmas shirt, but it’s been slowly building over the past few years. I grew up in a pro-gun house and have been to the range several times. I started leaning left on guns when I went to college, but slowly became pro-gun again over the last 4 years. I have wanted to buy a firearm for the past year or two and took a CCP class, but the recent events last month are what drove me to make the decision to officially join the community. I am now looking at joining gun-supporting groups and have begun adding mods to my weapon. But among liberal politicians, public criticism of this was not tolerated. Infrastructure was decaying. And though I was a fresh college graduate with nothing more than an entry level job, between federal, state, city, and sales taxes over half of my first cost-of-living raise (during a time of high inflation) was going to the government.

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I realized that there was indeed such a thing as the “loony left” who would ruin everything if unchallenged. I became a political moderate, tending to vote conservative in liberal areas and voting liberal after moving back to a conservative area. In 1994 the gun control movement became very vocal. I had never owned a gun (just a BB airgun as a kid), but having early access to computer networks I joined Usenet discussion groups where I was given references I could look upon my own to realize that just about everything the media was feeding me on the topic was a lie. I felt morally outraged. Though I’m not particularly conservative across the spectrum of issues, the lies were so blatant and consistent that I decided not to support any politician who allied himself to this movement. That pretty much put me into the conservative camp.


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