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We all have been doing what we are asked to do and can do in this worldwide pandemic so I would expect the Royal Family to set an example by social distancing and wearing masks, etc. The Queen is 94 and should especially take care to follow all health protocols even if that might mean “sitting alone.” Prince William will walk next to Peter Phillips which I think is appropriate for the heir to the throne and the oldest grandchild to walk side by side. One has to remember that the NHS is “Christian principles in action” – and that would be tricky for a lot (certainly not all) in the USA to accept – particularly those who tend to vote Republican.

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Cowboy Texas tech guns up shirt

So that the focus is on Prince Phillip and not other people. If all the men are treated and dressed the same no one will ““stand out”. On a side note, it may be a good thing that everyone has to wear a mask as it will stop a lot of the speculation about what this or that expression or look meant.She actually spent a lot of personal time helping her. She took her around and introduced her to people – Meghan was warned that is was a NONO to turn her back on the Queen or push in front of her, but that is what she died. She was reminded that on royal visits, the royal ladies wear hats – so she doen;t and wanders around with the rats tail hair style she favours. The queen forgave her rudeness as just gaucherie from a new comer, and continued to pile generous gifts on Markle. The 35 million wedding, the permission to import a foreign cleric into St George’s Cahpel and a royal occasion (and wasn;t he cringemaking). Then Markle kept pushing in front of Harry and tried to take William and Catherine’s places in ceremonial occasions.


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