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The formulas are lightly scented with notes that vary from iris and apricot accords on lips to rose notes in mascara. The house is famous for fragrances, after all, like the “1996” scent created with photography duo Inez and Vinoodh that Ffrench credits as her first introduction to Byredo. She and Gorham now choose “tongue-in-cheek” product names together, something that’s important to the line’s 360-degree sensorial experience. “Tears In Rain” references Gorhams’s vision of Waterproof Mascara, and The Eyeshadow 5 Colours palette in “Dysco” (shades of “beautiful browns, mahoganies, and soft creamy golds”) nods at a particularly psychedelic period of 1970s Bollywood films. “I’m obsessed with Bollywood films,” Ffrench shares. “With the ‘Dysco’ palette, Ben’s of Indian heritage, and he always wanted to create makeup that represented the women that he grew up with, his family, the world that he understood, and obviously Bollywood was a big part of that.”

Bubbe definition shirt

One of her favorites is the eyeliner in “Practical Brown,” which shape-shifts from a liquid line to a shimmery smudge with the swipe of a fingertip. “I really wanted to make that transformative product that I actually wear,” she says. Along with the mascara, “that’s kind of what I wear every day, as well as the lip balms.” Three variations of blushy, neutral tinted lip balms arrive later this month, followed by three more universal Colour Stick shades of earthy tones in June. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to stick with browns forever, we just thought we’d make a nice, kind of cozy collection,” Ffrench explains. It’s all part of the Byredo Makeup vision, a sort of 4-D emotional experience.

Bubbe definition hoodie

This recalibration is reflected in Byredo Makeup’s nine-piece spring collection, which Ffrench created in collaboration with founder Ben Gorham. Its new wave of eye launches rolls out today, and compared to the line’s prismatic debut in September, the additions are pretty in a taking-care-of-business kind of way. “It just seemed like people wanted something a bit more casual and relaxed,” Ffrench says. After seasons of Euphoria-esque cosmetic escapism, 2021 is becoming the year of chill solutions—like cry-friendly mascara. And one single eyeliner that smudges into whatever you need it to be. And 99.8% natural lip balm. “You could probably eat it and you’d be fine,” Ffrench jokes. “Don’t do it! It’s just good to know that anything you’re putting on your mouth doesn’t have any nasty chemicals or anything.” These are the staples that Ffrench (the multi-media artist who would politely ask a crowd to step out of the good light while glue-sticking crystals to eyebrows backstage) uses IRL.

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