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Nomadland is a film filled with stunning panoramic vistas of the American West. But one of the most ruggedly beautiful sights—in addition to Frances McDormand wandering the Badlands at dusk—is David Strathairn in khaki shorts and hiking shoes. The best picture nominee reveals many aching truths about our society, including that 72-year-old Strathairn is an underrated fox.

My favorite people call me poppa shirt

David Strathairn has the gravitas of Edward R. Murrow—whom he portrayed in 2005’s Good Night, and Good Luck (a role that earned him an Oscar nomination)—and the humility of his nonprofessional Nomadland costars. As Dave, a fellow nomad, he effortlessly communicates grace, intrigue, and a deep well of basic decency with a single glance (like the one he shoots Fern when she comes to his hospital bedside with his favorite snacks in tow). With his wild white hair and artful stubble, Strathairn even manages to make Dave’s well-loved wardrobe kinda hot: His rust-color hoodie, which makes repeated appearances in Nomadland, calls to mind one of Dylan McKay’s bajas.

My favorite people call me poppa hoodie

Strathairn infuses Nomadland with tenderness and a subtle hint of romance. As Vox critic Emily VanDerWerff tweeted: “I would become a nomad if I got to have a will-they/won’t-they with David Strathairn.” I, too, would gladly work alongside Strathairn at a landmark burger joint, go on a maybe date with him to an alligator farm, and detour to his son’s home for Thanksgiving. Quoth comedian Michelle Collins: “Not enough attention is given to the hottest living 72-year-old, David Strathairn.”

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