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In the meantime, we’re documenting their practices through testimonials from our vulnerable dancers, and connecting legal aid to dancers who have experienced discrimination in the clubs. Once you write things down, it starts to become obvious where the problems are. In addition to documenting the issues going on, we’re developing and facilitating training to help owners, managers, and employees within the Emotional support Human shirt sex work industry understand their role in dismantling racism. We’re helping facilitate training in cultural sensitivity, implicit bias recognition, dismantling racism, deescalating racial incidents, and sexual assault awareness and prevention. More than  clubs have committed to training and improving their written policies as they relate to discrimination. But it’s more than just trying to change the system. Dancers are suffering right now, and they don’t have anywhere to turn. We’re providing educational grants, professional development grants, and direct aidrent support, food, and hygiene suppliesto sex workers most impacted by prejudice and .