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What do you envision the Chet Lo woman to be like?I love my Chet Lo ladies—they’re sexy, fearless, super scandalous, and futuristic. I want to eliminate fear around clothing. We’ve all gone through so much, especially the past few years, so I’m just trying to brighten everyone’s day [with my designs].Your “2nd generation” collection is based on fallen angels severing ties between heaven and Earth. What was on the mood board for the shoot?I was obsessed with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I thought the visuals were beautiful. I was toying with different ideas for my second collection and it all fell into place. The vibe was all about beautiful, robotic-like angels who came down to Earth. I like to touch on great vintage Japanese references and make them integral to my visuals. It’s incredibly important to me—that’s who I am. It’s been present in my work since I was in university.

I’m A Simple Old Man I’m Grumpy And I Like Craft Beer Shirt

The photographer Erika [Kamano] and stylist Ella [Lucia] saw one of the looks on a model and immediately said, “I want that,” and that reaffirmed that it’s all about making pieces that stir up excitement.A-listers including Doja Cat, SZA, and Kylie Jenner are all fans of your designs. How do they embody the core of your aesthetic? And who would you love to dress next?It’s great when anyone compliments you on your work. It’s validating and keeps you going. Doja Cat’s stylist approached me and asked to borrow some garments for a potential

I’m A Simple Old Man I’m Grumpy And I Like Craft Beer Shirt hoodie

shoot and then all of a sudden it became four custom bodysuits and a top. I’m happy I was able to dress her and SZA. When [actor and screenwriter] Michaela Coel wore one of my tops, I felt so emotional because I May Destroy You is such a fucking inspiring TV show. I also love Lucy Liu, and I’d love to see her and Kelsey Lu in my pieces.What can we look forward to next?I’m in the early stages of my next collection—the mood is very, very sexy. It’ll be available in September, and I’m so excited to show more of the Chet Lo world.

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