Furyteeshirt- See The Able Not The Label Autism Awareness shirt

For me, celebration looks like taking an hour to make two TikToks last night [laughs]. I had given myself a TikTok break because I was sort of addicted to it during quarantine, and then I celebrated by going through all my messages. I’ve been getting calls every five minutes, from, like, literally someone I met in the Furyteeshirt- See The Able Not The Label Autism Awareness shirt at Yale, calling me out of the blue: “Jeremy, we met once, we exchanged numbers. Congratulations!” I’m chatting with people from high school I haven’t spoken to in years. A lot of people are really amped, but I think the people who really know me know how insane this is. I’m celebrating myself by celebrating with them. I also want to take the time to celebrate everyone in my cast and crew; I want everyone on our team, even the people who weren’t nominated, to know that the only way a play gets 12 nominations is by not having any weak links. We got a dozen. We killed it. That’s a full set!

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