Glitter lips I am black history shirt

She became very upset, demanding that Glitter lips I am black history shirt, and that I had a legal obligation to take care of them because the kittens were born on my property. Yeah.. no. Animal Control could have them. So I called. No one ever showed up, but I called. A few days later, at some early hour of the morning, the mother showed up on my doorstep, ringing the bell like Satan himself was chasing her. I dragged myself out of bed to see what was going on. And she began screaming at me at the top of her voice, in her very heavy German accent that I had murdered a cat. It seems the mama cat got run over in the street near our homes. According to the crazy lady, cats don’t get run over because they’re not stupid like dogs, so clearly I had murdered the cat (that was HER word – murdered) and put it in the street where her daughter would see it on her way to work. Her daughter had to pull over and cry for 20 minutes, making her late for work. And it was all my fault for murdering the cat.

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