As a white woman, I don’t get to tell a Black person what should and I googled my symptoms turns out I just need to go to texas shirt. And you were 100% right, if someone runs their mouth to a stranger, no matter what trash is coming out of it, or to whom it is directed, you take a risk of getting bitch slapped! It might not make it right, but it is a risk all the same! Where women were housed and male and female children were housed in sex camps and molested, raped and utilized for white pleasure daily! The ongoing abuse and terror of whipping, beating, stripping, and killing of blacks! Whole families looked at as property and sub human! The selling of people’s children and wives, stealing their property and freedom, refusing them the right to use their native language and being able to read and right.
I googled my symptoms turns out I just need to go to texas V-neck t-shirt
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