She was talking to me about adding two threes Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier shirt, then she said, if you have three threes that makes 9. At under three years old she had grasped the concept of multiplication. This year she’s off to college for a math major. I stepped between them and Gus started poking me in the chest with his finger (something I cannot stand). As I recall, I told him to pick on someone his own size, and that he was going to lose that finger. He poked me again and I grabbed the finger, bent it back until it broke and pushed a little further. Gus dropped to his knees, screaming. My friend, Kevin, never lets me forget the night I protected Junior, but I just happened to be faster than anyone else. If I’d been slower, Kevin or any other guy on the lot would done the same. Can’t stand bullies of any stripe and those that pick on the meek are worst of all. He certainly looks like a hostage in the videos he makes. Maybe he has developed Stockholm Syndrome,who knows!

Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier s Kid-T-shirt

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