That’s why we need diverse voices. If you don’t use a wheelchair, it is much harder to sympathetically design public spaces for wheelchair users. Not impossible, but more difficult. If you don’t look after young children, the same. They were only ever in it for their own ego and self-serving legacy. Once again, not a conservative here. I just don’t like incorrect statements. Sharon Seed the national debt has more than doubled under the conservatives despite their crippling austerity measures over the last 9 years.

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I recently queued to use the toilet at the science museum for half an hour. Why? Only two loos!! The men zipped in and out and looked at us ladies almost with disdain like it was our fault! This is one design that could easily be adapted in most cities. Cars going underground? Was there any indication of the height? The drivers should know how high is their lorry and so if they can keep going or stop. Most people driving local mover rental trucks on roads following GPS directions do not always pay attention to the height and width of bridges.

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