Happiness is being married to an Irishman shirt

I was proud of myself for standing my ground because it Happiness is being married to an Irishman shirt a while for me to get there. However, the betrayal I experienced shut me down emotionally. It’s been difficult coming to the realization that this person wasn’t who I thought she was. It was so blind that I wouldn’t even believe my therapist when she brought up my sister being jealous. I didn’t want to believe it. I’m still healing from the ending of that relationship and it does hurt a lot at times but I know that it’s for the best. I could never trust her the same way again. I went to a Triumph dealer and parked my bike next to a demonstrator and I was asked if I wanted to try it the second I got off my bike.Happiness is being married to an Irishman shirt

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I took it for a ride, liked it and wanted to buy one. I sat with the sales guy looking at the bike specs and he checked availability. It was a 3–4 month wait which meant I would miss the summer and get the bike when it would normally be going in the garage over winter. That knocked that idea on the head. I ended up buying an immaculate Bonneville T100 in a private sale. Many years ago when my daughter was at junior school, she is now grown up with children of he own. In the autumn I would go mushrooming in the local woods. On the edge of the wood I found a kestrel, on the ground with wings outstretched and in obvious distress. So abandoning my forage I set off home with the injured bird. The only suitable container we could find at home to keep the bird, was a plastic laundry basket, plenty of ventilation holes and a lid, perfect. The children eagerly made a nest out of old clothing, and insisted on feeding it pieces of my special rump steak. I released it a couple of days later non the worse for it’s stay in the care of two enthusiastic children.Wheel of quarantine everyday a new adventure hoodie

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