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There are many opinions of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in India and in the world at large. The policy has been mislabeled and misused by many opponents for political gain, and many of those protesting the Bill fail to understand that it’s purpose is not to discriminate but rather to assist those who are in genuine need of assistance. The Indian Congress Party which has seen massive failures at polling, seems to oppose the bill, and yet this same party agreed to the partition of India without Mahatma Gandhi’s support, and has for nearly 72 years been sidelining this fact, it has also never fully owned up for it’s failures and crippling economic model which neither was fully socialist or capitalist, and restricted Indian Business and then sold off assets it took from Indian Business families like ours when finally in 1991 the model could not work anymore, and then sold the same assets to foreign companies and not their rightful owners. This is backed by facts, and not just stated. This same Congress Party, now attempts to thwart what Prime Minister Modi’s government has done to help those who are discriminated against in the named nations on the bill, and will now be assisted. The bill is not an Anti-Minority statement, rather it addresses a genuine issue which was not ever dealt with appropriately. The issue with partition was that it bought into a two nation theory championed by British Colonialists who saw their exploitation of India coming to a fast end by the Indian Freedom Movement.

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