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I have an uncle through marriage. This man is 15 years older than me. He lives where my grandparents lived. It came out about 15 or so years ago he had seduced several younger cousins. They would spend the night while in town because his wife mainly was a family favorite. She was as old as my mother’s youngest sister( family of 11) so she grew up like a sibling with my aunts and uncles. She was married to him at 16 and he was 24. Fifty years ago in a small Tenn town, no one thought anything of this. He was very quiet, polite. Well apparently at the sleepovers while his wife slept he took advantage of my 14-year-old cousins.

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Horror Characters Get in loser we’re going trick or treating shirt

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Well that opened up a can of worms and three other cousins came forward. These girls were timid and he groomed them. They dare not tell and upset his wife. My sister said on a family vacation he even tried with her but she is way to smart. One of my cousins, who was very sheltered fell in love with him. I can’t imagine the guilt and confusion she felt. It ended up dividing my family. No one wanted to press charges because of his wife and son. She was married so young to him she doesn’t even know how to write a check. Not making up potted off-the-cuff medical advice. I can only describe this customer’s reaction as getting angry because someone was honest and tried to help.

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