Horse and sunflower you are my sunshine shirt

He said it “Made him look silly Horse and sunflower you are my sunshine shirt.” By the time the first hundred thousand Americans had died, he looked less “silly” and more like a self-indulgent moron. Now that we’re closing in on three hundred thousand there’s no reason to think we might not get to half a million if we follow his example and continue to go mask-less and attend Super Spreader holiday parties. And, still, he continues to fail in any type of leadership that would actually help. He wouldn’t listen to the experts, he wouldn’t endorse their suggestions and now, here we are. Donnie has only had one thing on his mind since he got elected and that’s getting re-elected. The Virus got in his way. But, he couldn’t bully it. He couldn’t give it a cute nickname and make it shrink in humiliation. He’s still trying to bully us into submission but so far it hasn’t worked. And, he’s never going to wear a mask so the majority of his Base won’t either. The Red States are dying and he doesn’t care.

Skeleton watching growth shirt

Polo G Die A legend signature shirt

Mickey Mouse Cartier Capital boss up shirt

Dabbing skeleton and sun Up From Below shirt

A man his dogs and his kayak shirt

Labrador Retriever Happy St. Patrick’s Day shirt

In loving memory of Rush Hudson Limbaugh III the greatest of all time shirt

Horse and sunflower you are my sunshine shirt

Harry Potter it’s Leviosa not Leviosaa shirt

Flat Mars society shirt

Dogs St Patrick’s Day 2021 shirt

Dachshund Happy St. Patrick’s Day shirt

Corgi Happy St. Patrick’s Day shirt

11 years 2010 2021 One Direction thank you for the memories shirt

3 Russell Wilson always a Seahawk shirt

I honestly don’t understand why so many women have an obsession with looking fake. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about themself or the choices which they have made but honestly, as a woman, I find it quite infuriating how accepted it is to be fake. I myself like to look nice and I understand why people may enhance their natural features. What I don’t understand is why women on a regular promote trying to achieve heights that they could never achieve naturally. Yes, I may wear weave because that is my choice but do I wear it all the time no. I am an African American and I value my naturally curly hair but so many others don’t. They try to cut it or permit it to conform to society’s pro-white standards. Yes, I may wear lashes for a special occasion but I do not have the slightest clue why women would spend hundreds of dollars to make their eyelashes look a way that they could never achieve naturally. When I do wear false lashes I wear natural-looking ones just to enhance what I already have.


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