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That homespun effect is part of the charm in Averett’s clothes. While his designs are polished and elevated, there is a craft appeal to his pieces—think wrap-you-up comfort, but with a chic, Zoom-­worthy punch. He chalks the latter up to his talent for working his mistakes into something, well, beautiful. “Knitwear isn’t laser-cut or so specific as making something with leather, or even a shirt,” he says. “If something comes in wrong, it’s often good to work with the mistakes and then watch what possibilities unfold from that.”

Gun 2nd that shirt

While growing up in a small town outside Birmingham, Averett never imagined he’d end up as a fashion designer. His “wild childhood” eventually saw him being sent to a correctional wilderness camp and, later, a “second chance” boarding school in Sewanee, Tennessee. It was in this small town, also home to a liberal-arts college, that he got his first taste of knitting from a local instructor, an older woman whom he would assist. “This was what really shaped a lot of my aesthetic and my interest in craft and community,” says Averett. “She planted that seed.” His instructor, who has since passed away, sent Averett a knitted swatch, a talismanic piece that he carries with him to photo shoots to this day.

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I traded in my plastic Zara’s for a beautiful, classic style from Scarosso. Later that year, I found a very marked down Loewe pair at the Woodbury Mall, (the famed haven for discounted designer shopping addicts, just one quick bus trip away from Manhattan). When I found those, I knew I was into loafers for the long haul. I started to prefer wearing them over my heeled boots, and even cleaned out and consigned a chunk of my closet in an effort to save up for a pricey, lugged sole Gucci version I had my eyes on. You could even say I was “head over heels”. I won’t admit how many loafers I have collected or how many styles I currently have hearted on my TheRealReal app, but I will happily recommend what’s on my current wishlist and my favorite pairs I’ve had the pleasure of trying. While I will always love wearing a heel, these flat alternatives have found a permanent place in my heart (and my shoe collection).

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