How about rooting for America for a change you liberal scumbag shirt

Honestly, it took some inexplicable, social experiences than it did any How about rooting for America for a change you liberal scumbag shirt, I suppose, fair weighing of the issues. I was very conservative and religious all throughout high school until my senior year when President Obama was running. Historically, the left-wing news media in the U.S. has not been truly liberal. For example, it was involved in giving credibility to invading Iraq and gave more coverage to non-issues than to things that the American people were warming up to (like higher taxes on the 1%, regulating finance markets more, doing more to prevent workplace discrimination, things that have even more traction now). However, with Barack in the spotlight, there came with it more needed attention to the social inequality of the country and the archaic, knee-jerk reactions people still have toward minority cultures.

How about rooting for America for a change you liberal scumbag shirt

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This opened me up to reading more about the history of American income inequality. Thereafter, I was led to solutions to fixing that inequality that while often not specifically aimed at minorities, would disproportionately benefit minorities (like fixing the criminal justice system, passing laws for a single-payer or public option healthcare system minorities go into bankruptcy more often due to healthcare debt, free secondary education since minorities are less educated due to being able to afford student loans or make time for school, and so forth.) Now being far down that route, I’ve also found that while the establishment ridicules those paranthe-sized ideas and says they have no evidence of working, there are places in the world where they have been invoked and do work for the better.


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