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Said is hopeful about Clubhouse’s future in the dating space. “In terms of dating on Clubhouse, in general, I feel like it’s definitely low-key the next Hinge or Bumble. It’s just a really easy way to get to know people in a friendship-first capacity,” she said.

My favorite people call me poppa shirt

Not everyone, of course, wants to pitch themselves in front of thousands of people. For that reason, 29-year-old Clubhouse creator Iman Said transitioned her own “Shoot Your Shot” room into a format she feels is less intimidating. Said is part of a collective called #Cuffhouse, which strives to create rooms inclusive of QTBIPOC individuals and the LGBTQ+ community. Founded last November, the group hosts discussions about sexual identity and BDSM, alongside game-focused dating rooms.

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Davison is enjoying his app’s new function. “The intonation, inflection, and emotion that are conveyed through voice allow people to pick up on nuance and empathize with each other,” the founder said via email. “This helps people on Clubhouse quickly develop meaningful connections—whether they’re networking, catching up with friends, joining a club, or discussing personal topics like life, dating and relationships.”

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