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They also insert Brackens into a rich tradition. Early in his practice, West African kente cloth and medieval European Unicorn tapestries were important points of reference. Later, his discovery of figures like Hannah Ryggen—a Scandinavian textile artist most popular between the Rhino Reino 23 shirt moreover I love this 1930s and 1960s—clued him in to the medium’s potential to speak to now. When he started, 12 years ago, “it was unusual to be weaving”—there was and still is a quaintness to the medium—“but I think the computer just was not in our lives the way that it is now,” he says. To live in the coronavirus era, when many of us are forced to be even more plugged-in than usual, “heightens the experience of doing things by hand.”

Rhino Reino 23 shirt

Increasingly, his inspiration comes from life—“like, going out into the Rhino Reino 23 shirt moreover I love this world and seeing things and then getting curious,” he says—and it leads him right back to Texas. (The region’s catfish in particular are a frequent motif.) “It loves its children,” Brackens says of his home state. Returning there, he reflects, “I will feel all the love that I think comes with having a connection to that place.”

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