Ego AIO is a sub ohm device for under thirty bucks that can produce some pretty sizable clouds. I’m A Heart Surgeon shirt. So I don’t think you have to go out of your way to get big clouds.  Honestly my first device, which produced a small amount of vapor, never did it for me. The bigger clouds give a more substantial feeling and satisfy me much more.  Smokers are NOT my family or friends, and they most definitely are not my neighbors! I would never be friends with anybody who smokes. These stupid jerks who live in my non-smoking apartment building are always standing outside my window blowing their stinking cigarette smoke through my window! They do this no matter what time of day or night it is and no matter how cold, windy and rainy it is outside! These losers better are glad I don’t believe in guns because if I had a gun, they would all be dead!  This is his opinion. Mine is that if we vilify them there will be less of them, which helps. Enough with the thinking that buds can be thrown on the ground wherever. Enough with it being cool. They should be looked upon with sympathy, for they don’t have the self-control of others. since we always have this problem of smoking and costing healthcare and environment large amounts, we all need to unite and reduce harms from smoking so that there can be mor3e productivity and fewer health care costs, and our environment will be very thankful. or we can be ignorant and just say no and complain. a choice is ours.

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Been off tobacco for about a month now after smoking for over half my life. It took some will-power and I occasionally want a cigarette, but by and large, it’s not that hard to make the switch. I’m A Heart Surgeon shirt. As for the health effects… I don’t get winded nearly as bad as I used to, I haven’t noticed much else, but again I’m only about a month in.  I have a few friends and family that would stink up the room after a cigarette (or joint!), I gotta say I love that chocolatey caramel flavor they’re blowing around when they started vaping. I approve. While the Ontario Liberals have e-cigarettes under the same ban as cigarette smoking, Trudeau is spending our tax dollars giving hard drug users heroin and having them inject their drugs in our taxpayer-funded public buildings. The Liberals are morally bankrupt. It took me 6 months but I quit using vaping as well, and my husband has started vaping now too. I had smoked for 30 years and tried every method there is to quit. It’s been two years and I still can’t believe I’m a non-smoker. Vape has more toxins than tobacco smoke. Second-hand smoke is carcinogenic. Smokers do not have rights, they have the responsibility not to poison others with their addiction. What sort of moron are you? There IS no science on this there have been zero long-term impact studies, zero track of cellular changes and zero track of related resp. infection rates – But feel free to keep paying the tobacco companies for the privilege of being their lab rat for their latest poison delivery system. I’m sure you’ll be a happy little lab rat.

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