In a world where you can be anything be The Schitt 2021 shirt

Escorts, Prostitutes, Online Sexual Actors & Sugar Babies. These people are everywhere and it’s not a viable method or path to love In a world where you can be anything be The Schitt 2021 shirt. They all have the same game which is “I’ll do anything for money except care, honesty, love or not screw you over”. These people want money for sexual activities and couldn’t care less about you or any damage to you. They would prefer that you send them your life savings on phone & gift cards and then kill yourself without them even having to talk to you. Generally, the only long-term thing that you will get from these people is a mountain of debt and I false opinions of your sex appeal and sexual prowess. These folks go online because everyone around them knows they are crazy in a very problematic way. Some are Cheaters and aren’t interested in anything other than attaching themselves to or getting laid immediately. There is rarely a chance to develop a good long-term relationship other than them filing false charges against you or they overwhelm your life with their drama.

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In a world where you can be anything be The Schitt 2021 shirt

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These folks are generally just looking to add members to their cause or Organization. It could be a religious group, a cult, a salesman, investment opportunities, or whatever. The point is that you are a number, widget, or merit badge, nothing more. Each of the stones controls a very specific aspect of the universe. The reality stone controls reality, the space stone controls space, etc. As a result, one cannot simply use the reality stone to teleport the rest of the stones to them. If the reality stone could teleport the stones to the person seeking them then it would not be a stretch to ask why it can’t manipulate reality to control time or manipulate reality to grant unlimited power. If it could do this the rest of the stones would be completely redundant. Without the power, stone to help fuel it (and quite frankly the rest of the stones used in unison) the reality stone has limits such as only being able to affect a localized area or having its effects only be temporary.


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