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You know the simple truth that denser things settle to the bottom and less dense things rise to the top. Good for you. But you’re unaware of diffusion and convection, and so your model of how the atmosphere works is entirely at odds. Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Hoodie we reality. Once you stop trying to explain everything exclusively by what you learned in intro classes and open your mind to more complicated effects, THAT’s when you’ll learn. I have a good idea what I am talking about. Plant starvation from bein able to convert nutrients into energy using CO2 is about 180 ppm. Optimum growth for plants is around 1200 ppm. Now let’s see if you can figure out which we are closer to. You really should not have shown your ignorance by posting. No, you don’t. Some plants, not all, thrive in greenhouses under conditions of excess CO2.

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Potentially and most likely kill some poor animal like a small bird or a hedgehog. Even tho theyre small they matter just as much. 3, i personally choose not to have kids,not only cuz of the growing overpopulation and the Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Hoodie fact to be to think that it is trees that are causing the edges of the Sahara desert to green. Your other link is about rice one of the least nutritious of the grains. Wow can you cherry pick any better? Because in a greenhouse, soil nutrients are provided at high levels. In the wild, plant growth is usually limited by nitrate, phosphate, and/or iron availability, as I’ve already explained. Adding in more CO2 doesn’t have that much of an effect in non-fertilized settings.

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