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All the abuse and neglect and surrendered animals in shelters will say enuf. When someone dumps a can of coke in the bush or gum on the street,they dont even stop and think it could potentially and most likely kill some poor animal like a small bird or a hedgehog. Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Hoodie we talk or write about where we live, we say America – as it has been done for hundreds of years. You’ll even see the US used. But rarely do we think or refer to ourselves as USA or At least on the west coast, unless we’re at a sporting event or some such. We’re a large nation, so I certainly don’t speak for everyone. I understand that from the perspective of the US as intrusive in other countries and self-centered, saying ‘America’ would be grating and care more about themselves than animals.

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Even tho theyre small they matter just as much. 3, i personally choose not to have kids,not only cuz of the growing overpopulation and the fact we cant even feed everyone,but also because so many people have children and cant even take care of them,yet theyre here and havent asked for it. Use glass bottles that can be cleansed and reused Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Hoodie And if we’re being technical, Canadians and Mexicans and Americans are all North Americans. And perhaps some people don’t think of the full continent. But our country name is long and formal and language refers to us as ‘Americans’ rather than ‘united staters?’ ‘Stations?’ Further, we are the only country on the continent that incorporates the continent name in our county name. And if we’re being technical, Canadians and Mexicans and Americans are all North Americans.

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