Basically you are only doing for the fame not as a good influencer. Sir you are such an inspiration thanks for sharing your thoughts,experiences and time with us. Stay blessed . Nothing is wrong with being an ‘Influencer.’ Influencer marketing is a very successful marketing tool. It has always been in place, just without the name. Did Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Onassis not heavily influence fashion? The only difference is today, millions have converged in one place, (social media platforms) making brands more intentional about how they use public figures. It’s very financially lucrative for many. Brilliant, if you ask me. Paul Katsiadas you are not wrong. The speaker spoke about influencing things that are visually observed by the followers- Fantasy bodies, cars etc. Its not only what they speak but also what they show. If a naked woman with fake body parts was teaching historical facts we would say, “But where r her clothes?” So we ask, “What’s up with the blonde hair dude who you trying to influence,” While receiving what is spoken. The problem here is that these people really do think that they are making people’s lives better….it’s kind of like dealing with someone with PPD, Psychosis, or any other schizo type disorder, they believe what what they are doing/thinking is real..

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Meaning of The Grinch I Want To Be A Nice Person But Everyone Is Just So Stupid Ladies V-neck Shirt

I use Instagram before I go to bed after a long hard working hopefully successful day of work that doesn’t include social media status…usually a nice brainless activity so I can fall asleep.. I walk away uninfluenced and therefore am not being moved for good or bad. Keep sharing your cute puppy pictures hehe. I think people also need to learn to be their own main influencer and stop going to other people’s pages if it makes them worse. We have the power to become better despite the influences around us, and to mute or turn off the stuff we feel tarnishes us. Real talk I always watch ur blog and u are an inspiration to me and a lot of people who knows about these things u just spoke about but the world is always gonna be like that not to be negative but it’s the truth but for real tho there are a lot of sick people in the world who needs healing so I lift my hats to u brother keep up the good work . Instagram really only boost “Ass Shots” and “coonery”.

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