I bet you anything if he was white, the narrative would be the complete opposite. People would be saying how fired up he is and that’s the type of leader I want on my Harry Potter My Patronus Is A Husky Tank Top. It’s funny how y’all have really forgotten what a thug really is. And he’s only a thug if a black guy is involved. I don’t even hear people saying this about white hockey players who always get into altercations. But that’s none of my business. I’d Love to see what Barry Ladd & James Raby, along with everyone else who Thinks and sees things the way they do would have to type had he NOT Been a POC, but instead on the Anglo-saxon side of the ethnicity scale. I’m not a football fan, but this is popping up as “news.” So State misses their time to do their traditional walk, Michigan takes the field to warm up, State shows up late and plows through Michigan making physical contact. So why are people calling for the Mich player to be benched for destroying grass when another player made physical contact before the game. This is what wade had to do after all the surgeries. Became more of a shot creator then someone so explosive towards the hoop. Wade and rose both used to be so angry towards the rim. But I’m glad he’s changed his game. He’s been on this year. Shedding tears right now.. Shout out to you pimpin my favorite player in nba history… if you somehow see this (he won’t, gotdamn) I never stopped believing in you, you are the only player that made me change my mind about VINCE CARTER being my favorite to him being my 2nd favorite.. and I didn’t decide that when you were at your best I decided that when you were at your worse.. 

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You’re the definition of BALL IS LIFE.. You remind me so much of my brother on the court (R.I.P) that it’s scary. After recently suffering a ruptured tendon in my knee and having a love for the game. I can feel his emotion on everything he had to overcome to get back. Some people have no idea. D-Rose has the heart of a champion. That being said I support our men and women in uniform and I will not disrespect them and that is my choice. People need to stop reading headlines and read the whole article. This is for any article. All media outlets love to sensationalize their headlines in order to get hits and comments. To clarify, he never said he doesn’t like the military. The thing is that sometimes the reunions feel forced. Think about it. The Harry Potter My Patronus Is A Husky Tank Top now has to wait to see their loved one until they’re on TV instead of ASAP. Why does it have to be public? His opinion is that sometimes it’s turned into a spectacle instead of a loving family moment.

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