Made it to 2021 my year shirt

Complete your highest impact task first each day Made it to 2021 my year shirt. Whatever task that will lift the biggest weight off of your shoulders is what should be completed first, so your day will get easier as the day goes on rather than harder. If there’s a social club you wish was in your area, start it. If there’s a book you would love to read but isn’t out there, write it. If there’s a charity you want to see that doesn’t exist, found it. Stop waiting indefinitely for people to create things that you could create yourself. Fill your own void. Do you get tired of having other people control your moods and being a slave to impulses, moods, and cravings? If so, then you need to start meditating. Yes, meditation can be challenging initially since stopping and paying complete attention to the present moment is such a foreign concept to people, but learning how to conquer your thoughts is the only true experience of power that you will ever have.

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Made it to 2021 my year shirt

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Now an ordinary person might go ahead and say a tree is what gives me fruit, but the first principles thinker is not satisfied, he sees, that fruit grows on a branch, many branches join themselves into a trunk, and finally a trunk is joined to the roots, so ultimately the root is the first principle, the definitely important part, for an ordinary person may just try to plant seeds and hope for a tree, but you can understand that what is necessary is to think about roots, and focus on the soil first, and then move ahead. In a way it is not something entirely new, it is like learning, letters to form words that make paragraphs and those combine into essays and finally into books. This may appear simple at first, and silly even, but over time you will start seeing the bigger picture of things, an object will no longer be independent for you, it will be a part of something bigger, or divisible to something more fundamental.


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