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Also, The Shahi Imam has made an appeal Marvel Wandavision through the years shirt or fatwa in favor of the Congress Party, the BJP (in 2004), and AAP(in 2015). How is it so, that AAP is the only party that came out and condemned the Shahi Imam immediately after he supported AAP saying we don’t need such kind of politics that appeals to a certain section or religion. If we, as citizens, really want people to stop appeasing, then take every religion and caste normally. Things happen in all festivals- It’s normal. The congress party has lost its credibility, BJP is well known in affiliations with RSS, VHP, and other Hindu Extremist organizations- It is natural for a section of Muslims to look for other alternatives. However, I would personally love it if we can just look at people as Citizens, Educated-Uneducated, Offenders-Law Abiding Citizens, etc, and not as Hindu Muslim Marathi Bengali Yadav Kayast Dalit Mahadalit. Stop seeing people in these dimensions, and campaign actively so that people stop voting along these lines.

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Today’s motor oils are technological marvels. Even today’s “conventional” oil will lubricate vastly better and last far longer than anything that was available just 20 years ago. If you use synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, you basically have super oil in your engine. No, but then you should be required to disclose that you have not been following what many authorities consider best practice under certain circumstances. For example, at age 68 and with allergies and asthma, I would not choose to go to a crowded beach or similar situation. In a free will situation, I would walk away from someone I saw coughing a lot or exhibiting other Covid-like symptoms. Where this becomes an issue is if you engage in what many consider high-risk activities, interact with me, and don’t give me a free will choice to avoid you. You come into my house to work on the gas or plumbing and never mention that you spent Saturday at a party with over 50 unmasked guests and then Sunday at a very crowded beach.


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