Men do not fear the sword only the monster shirt

Kim Jones has been grafting the Men do not fear the sword only the monster shirt Additionally,I will love this glamour and finesse of haute couture techniques and textiles onto Christian Dior menswear since he arrived at the house in 2018. The applause for that (from women, as well as men) surely has a lot to do with his upcoming and much talked-about debut at Fendi couture, his first go at a wholly female-focused collection.What was on her mind was this: “Why do we need more clothes when we have so many in our wardrobe? What’s going to make a difference? Why would you buy one sweater over another? For me, it’s important to understand why people are more attracted to certain things than others when we don’t really need other things.” Her study had the desired effect: well-thought-out staples that few of us would decline.

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