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At that moment I notice the shape of someone at the Merry Pugging Christmas with santa hat pug dog pugmas pajama shirt. I can see the outline through the thin, floral-pattern curtains covering the glass windows panes. Wait a minute, the person is wearing a duster very much like a forest ranger’s or that of a …policeman.. Fear and apprehension immediately grip me as I manipulate the door handle and pull open the door. The person is indeed an officer. He is the perfect image of a cop. The dark blue of his patrolman’s uniform is decorated with the yellow arm-stripes of a corporal and the shining silver badge of the Maine State Police. The silver nameplate above his left breast-pocket states simply “Smith”.

Merry Pugging Christmas with santa hat pug dog pugmas pajama shirt

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All I want for christmas is you beer shirtCorporal Smith`s face has the wizened features of an officer who has seen at least a few harsh Maine winters. His steely expression exudes an aura of confidence in his ability to deal with a host of unsavory situations. The officer blinks his eyes and pauses for a moment, as if contemplating a new course of action or preparing to impart some terrible, unthinkable news. “We have a report that you have been threatening people and destroying property belonging to this family. Can we take a look inside?” The corporal asks. I hadn’t noticed the other officer behind him. A younger man without stripes on his uniform, he immediately struck me as a quiet sort. But at the moment I was more concerned with myself, and I paid no further heed to his presence. Oh! Oh yeah. Come on in. It’s too cold to stand out here and talk all day. Anyway, it looks like we have snow coming.” I say, in the typical, add-the-weather-to-your- conversation, fashion of many Maine residents.

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