One night my roommates and Michael Myers a real man will chase after you vintage shirt I were just finishing up dinner, when there was a knock at the door. My roommate went to go answer and in he came, without any questions or inhibitions. I was picking dishes up at the table and he walked right over and started talking to me. I was absolutely weirded out, I mean, I knew he knew where I lived, and I knew where he lived, but he just walked in without any invitation. Not to mention, he was being all too energetic and in my personal space. I asked him to leave politely at first, and he kept making excuses for why he couldn’t, then I finally told him to just get the hell out. My entire outlook on the guy had changed. It was a big red flag.

I love days when my only problem is which recipe to try shirt

The owner of a bar and restaurant I worked at was a very controlling and self entitled jerk. To be fair he did have his good days, there just seemed to be more bad days. One morning we had a meeting scheduled last minute before the restaurant opened. At the beginning of the meeting, he surprisingly asked us to tell him about anything we thought was going wrong or could be improved. No one spoke up. So he started pointing at people and asking directly. Everyone more or less said things were going great and nothing needed to change. His employees were so intimidated by him, they weren’t willing to say anything if they knew he wouldn’t want to hear it, even though he asked. 

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