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The third reason is of course the hidden agenda Mickey Mouse Cartier Capital boss up shirt. Some of these activists on the surface promote the security and assimilation aspect of it but in their mind, they are banning Islam. For them, it is a kind of a first step towards banning Islam. The joke of course is on them. Niqab or face veil is patently un-Islamic because it messes with God’s witness-based justice system. I have posted a more detailed answer on the issue elsewhere on Quora. Well, oh-familiar-Anon-User, keep in mind you’re reading that on the highly self-selected Internet, where any opinion may appear magnified by proximity to others who agree. On FB and the like, anyone with a problem with wearing a dress or a problem with those not wearing a dress (gasp!) can easily find each other and turn an odd eddy of an opinion into what looks like a movement. If a few women feel like they need to protest or show solidarity or something by wearing pants rather than a dress to church, okay.

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Mickey Mouse Cartier Capital boss up shirt

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My guess is the vast majority of others will never notice. Frankly, in most wards, people have other things to be more concerned about than what someone else is wearing. (To say nothing of the fact that most people are doing their best to get there with the right mindset, whether their “Sunday best” is a suit, dress, a slightly tattered jogging suit, or clean flannel shirt and jeans — I’ve seen each of these recently. That said, if someone is dressing in a way to provoke a reaction from someone else, or to focus more on their agenda than on coming to worship, then they really are not getting the purpose of coming to church. This goes back to Paul’s counsel on not eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols: nothing wrong with the meat (or in this case, the pants 🙂 ), but if it causes someone else to stumble, it should be avoided. At the same time, those who would waste their time looking askance at someone not following a norm as this may well be stuck in the same shallow tide pool of mistaking culture for spirituality.

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